How to wax a boat

How to wax your boat


Possibly you may have never waxed a vehicle such as your car or truck because the car wash can spray on a wax after washing.  But for many this is not nearly adequate for their purpose.

So, how do you wax your boat? It is a matter of choice, and that is a hard rub on wax will take you about 4-6 hours of work for a 23-25 foot long cruiser, where as a spray wipe and shine wax can only take you about 30 minutes and look event better in most cases.

One such product that has been out for about 20 years is called Nautical Reflections boat wax, which also has the ability to Self Clean the boat in areas that are pounded by water when cruising.
The way that works is, you spray the area that is dirty with water spots such as the sides and rear of the vessel and out drive or outboard motor, let it Dry, then launch the vessel and go play. The product softens the water spots and dirt ready to be removed.
While you are cruising and the pounding of the water in those areas, the product continues to help wash away the water spots and dirt and help keep them off. Now on the top side you spray and wipe with a clean dry cloth in which it shines and cleans and removes mild oxidation

Where as hard wax in almost all cases you have to wash the vessel with car soap first, towel dry and then start to hard wax in which you will be done long hard hours later, but this technique is for Diehards Only. As stated it is a matter of choice. Most likely the Diehards won’t agree with this article of easy fast waxing but why not? when you can spend more time fishing or boating instead of waxing?

The younger generation has so many distractions, I Phone, I Pad, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, text messages and on and on that they may not have the time as they want to do this, so many resort to the fastest way and that ain’t bad.

Remember this! for sure, all hard wax’s builds more and more water spots on your vessel as the water beads up and air dries on the surface. Which means that all that hard work after a weekend of boating looks just as bad as it did when you first started. 

If you have a product that almost eliminates this then why waste your precious time hard waxing when you have a product that does about 85% for you. after trailering the boat or mooring it you can do a fine touch up with this product by spraying and wiping with a clean dry towel.

This product has also been known to remove mild oxidation and also for inside the boat in many areas such as gauges, steering wheel, counter tops, commodes, shower stalls, faucets, marine vinyl, engine, stainless steel, chrome etc.

Article Author  “Fasttoys” Frank D.

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