For Sale, Parting out Biz Prod. Boat Wax 20yrs Sold

Parting out Business Products, Individual ownership availableThis product has been sold 19+ years (JULY 01, 2015 is 20 years) nationally and Canada Frank 623 572-8151 info@nautical-reflections.comWhat goes with it:

  1. Exclusive Rights to product name and web sites ownership (transfer Ownership to buyer)
    1. Formula and Ingredients for a 55 gallon drum (non -Exclusive) $210,000.00

(a)  OR, you may purchase this without the formula for $189,000.00

  1. Ownership of attaching WordPress Blogs, Google Blogs and 2 Youtube Videos
  1. Ownership of the Facebook and Google+ pages built
  1. Everywhere we have linked this products web sites and blogs will stay unless we Sold ownership to those specific pages, blogs and Magazines
  1. Re-locatible business product







Nautical Reflections™,

is a one step Boat cleaner, Fortified with Carnauba wax. This product is for In and On your Boat. In Minutes your done with a mirror finish shine that would take you hours to do with other products. See “Self Cleaning” capabilities

Product uses

  • *Easy to use, spray on, wipe off, with a clean dry towel.
  • Helps remove water spots
  • One step Cleaner that Shines
  • *Fortified with Carnauba Wax
  • Biodegradable Formula (Going Green)
  • Saves time and leaves you more time on the water
  • Leaves a High Gloss Mirror Finish
  • Can be used in direct sunlight (above 100 degrees temp.)
  • *Self Cleaning capabilities (see below)
  • Several Boat Manufactures 1st Choice
  • Lexan and Plexiglass become crystal clear
  • IJSBA Approved product
  • Long lasting UV protection Leaves a high gloss finish
  • *Cleans outdrives , gauges , seats , S/S, Chrome, trailer, Lexan, Plexiglass, commodes, shower stalls, counter tops, faucets, sinks, rods, reels, engine compartments,* BASS boats TOO!

“Self Cleaning” Features

  • You can spray and let dry, areas of the boat that are hit by water while the boat is under way. The high pressure of the water will “Self Clean” those areas. One example of this is the outdrive or outboard motor that tend to collect algae and mineral deposits. When you return to shore after boating for several hours, you will see the difference. Personal Water Craft can be cleaned in this way also. This product has been used by many in over 100 degree temperatures in direct sunlight because it stays wetter Longer when wiping down vessel. In high humidity use less, and be sure to use a DRY towel.


We CAN NOT release ownership of anything listed in this sale until the funds are released to our bank account.
Sale is Final NO RETURNS   FOR SALE  $210,000.00


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