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In July of 1995 we began production, marketing and advertising our products to the US. Since then we have grown Nationally via the Inet. Within a Few years, several West Coast Boat Manufacturers using or selling our product and many cleaned their vessels with Nautical Reflections for static boat shows. At one point Poker Runs America stated ” We have tried and tested many products for 30 years and Nautical Reflections is the best” from there it was sold on their web site for 3 years until they started their TV Shows.

Because of our product “Self Cleaning” capabilities, it soon became many boaters favorite too. Since then, our customers have found many different uses for Nautical Reflections around the home. One man said that it was the best grout cleaner he had ever used, another said that it was the best product to use in the commode in his Motor home. Diamonds, Sunglasses, counter tops, cultured marble sinks, Chrome faucets, Stainless Steel, plastics etc. have found their way into Nautical Reflections.


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